iFlyDisk is a Virtualized disk mapping software,it can mapping...

Virtualized disk mapping software.

iFlyDisk, is a network based virtualized disk mapping software. iFlyDisk allows you to map disk or RAID arrays on a computer, but the source is a disk or an image file from another computer. Virtual disk which you are mapping from another computer can be used as a local drive. It is fast, reliable and convenient. Compared with Microsoft iSCSI, iFlyDisk also provides Virtual Write Technology.

In very simple way allow you to export your storage to another computer. It is perfect solution for schools or internet cafe's. It different from other programs by having a very easy to use UI, that even a beginner will be able to create new service in matters of minutes.

While end user can also benefit from it, it is mainly created for corporate users to help them manage storage on theirs network.



iFlyDisk 1.6